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Marjorie Benhamou's Avon & The Golden Stars Team

New Representative Checklist

1. Read Believe In Your Success with Avon Booklet.

2. Finish Customer Invitation List p. 20-21

  1. Name
  2.  Sell
  3. Person to Person
  4. Online
  5. Share the Opportunity

3. Read – Quick Guide To Getting Started

4. Read – Communicating Your Avon Business and Social Media and Words To Use

5. Share your Brochures – How many?

  1. Put your Name, Phone Number, Email, & Website on the back of Brochures and give them out. Be sure to follow up on each one that you give out.
  2. Asked for Referrals

6.Read – Just For You! Flier

7. Read – Jump Start Booklet

8. Listen to Making The Shift CD

9. Register at You will need your Account Number,

District Number, and the last four numbers of your Social Security number.

10. Welcome Page –

  1. Read “Get Started with Avon”

11. Take the “Welcome to Avon” Webinar on Monday at 8:00 p.m.

(Click on Training Tab; Then Click on Avon Pathways; Then Course Catalog and register to take the webinar)

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12. Take the Online Courses (Click on Training Tab; Then Click on Avon Pathways: Then Course Catalog and take the following Courses)

  1. Believe In Your Success
  2. Getting Started on 20 mins.

    (Beauty of Knowledge is now called Avon Pathways)

  3. Launching Your Business 25 mins.

  4. eRpresentative Web Office Tour 20 mins.

    (A little outdated- You are automatically enrolled as an

    ERepresentative when you register on and there is no fee for your website.)

  5. Online Orders 25 mins.

13. Set up Web Office

  1. Click on Web Office. Under Resources click New Online Quick Setup.
  2. Then Getting Started
  3. Edit you Avon web page
  4. Take your Customer List and put them on to your Web Office.
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email
  5. Birthday
  6. Avon Anniversary
  7. Language
  8. Order Information
  9. Beauty Profile – The Anew Guide to looking Younger
  10. Preferences - Contact Methods & Campaign/Promotions Email

5. If you still feel you need more info you can go to the Training Tab and click

on Web Office Tools Resources.

14. Make your schedule

15. Call Me

16. Support and Training -

  1. The Golden Stars Facebook Page:
  2. The Golden Stars Website:

17. Go over your Customer Invitation List p. 20-21

  1. 1. Call everyone
  • Sell - Person to Person or Online
  • Share the Opportunity
  • Asked for Referrals

18. Goals - Remember why you are doing this

  1. Monthly Earnings

19. Incentives

  1. Just For You!
  2. Jump Start Recruiting and Advancing Bonuses
  •  Recruiting $75.
  •  Unit Leader $100.
   3. Consistency Club - even & odd campaigns
   4. 450 – 950 – 1600 Clubs

20. Next Training

  1.        1. T2 to submit order on _____________________

       2. On _______________________ Read –

  • Online Ordering – Placing Your order at
  • Ordering Business Tools

    3.Read Achieve through Sales Success Booklet pages 4 -23.

21. Meetings and Events

  1. District Sales Meeting
  2. Business Buzz

Activity = Income

So Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan!!!

How to Place your First Order